Kitchen Table CFO – an accountant (CPA), an entrepreneur, a small business operator, a CFO, a US Army veteran and a nonprofit volunteer with experiences that span 45 years; including senior positions in public accounting (KPMG), Chase, VISA and a startup payment venture.

Experience includes -- *Accounting / SEC / Taxes / Auditing,* Project Management / Bank Operations / Work Flow, *Business Planning / Budgeting,* Regulatory Compliance/ Bank Secrecy Act,* Lending / Credit Cards / Debit Cards / Loan Collections / Payments / ATM’s, *Start Ups / Venture Capital / Small Business/ Franchising, *Board Proceedings,* Acquisitions / Discontinued Operations, *People Management / Presentations, *Branding / Marketing, *Non Profits / Volunteering, *Retirement Options /Insurance, *Printers / Recycling

Mark does not sell products

-- he provides freelance support services to help evaluate & understand options.

"Blending experiences into results"