Why plan, just react, most do?  But a long term plan that is complete and monitored is comfort & control.  I can help. 


Cash flow

Knowing and tracking cash in & out should be your #1 priority.  Let me help with this critical element.


A freelance (project oriented) service that provides problem solving techniques to maintain or improve sustainability; support services that help evaluate & understand options -- with a strong focus on long term cash flow.(Wouldn’t it be nice to have a CFO available to sit with you, at your “kitchen table”, to discuss household and business questions and therefore proactively help to manage life’s choices?)

Helping Ukraine


It is complex and it is not just financial. A sounding board with actual experience can be helpful.


Cost benefit

Compare options in an orderly manner.  A discipline that I can help you with. 

Concepts / analysis / services include –   

Cash flow, planning, workflow, cost benefit, retirement and bookkeeping.

"Blending Experiences into Results"


Sometimes all it takes is a new set of eyes and maybe a subtle change or two.  Let's look at this together.


A bookkeeper that looks at every transaction like an owner has benefits. Consider something beyond just transaction processing. 

  • In most households and small businesses one individual is in charge and that individual is expected to perform all tasks and make all decisions to manage that entity throughout its lifetime.
  • Events tend to drive decisions and, in many cases, integration of the entire entity does not occur.
  • Reliable sounding boards are rarely available to test options.

Consider the value that the "experience asset" brings to each problem that requires a solution.

Make Kitchen Table CFO a member of your Team.