Kitchen Table CFO – “Blending experiences into results”

Full Time / Part Time / Sometime / Anytime -- Services include:

  1. Bookkeeping Services -- Accounting skills at bookkeeper rates.  Also skilled in QuickBooks, Excel, PowerPoint, Social Media techniques and Small Business Operations with lots of practical day-to-day “on the job” expertise.
  2. A freelance service that provides small businesses and households problem solving techniques to maintain or improve lifestyle; with a strong focus on long term cash flow. (Wouldn’t it be nice to have a CFO available to sit with you, at your “kitchen table”, to discuss household and business questions and therefore proactively help to manage life’s choices?) -- Pricing within your budget and timetable.
    • Reliable sounding boards are rarely available to test options.
    • Concepts and solutions discussed are developed by listening at the “kitchen table” to the task at hand and applying a broad array of knowledge / experience to the situation.
    • The listener (the kitchen table CFO) is Mark Tremontan accountant, an entrepreneur, a small business owner, a CFO, a US Army veteran and a nonprofit volunteer with senior financial positions at Chase, VISA and a startup payment venture.

Concepts / analysis / services include –   

Cash-flow, planning, workflow analysis, cost benefit analysis, retirement options and bookkeeping.

Consider the value that the “experience asset” brings to each problem that requires a solution.  You will get that value from the Kitchen Table CFO.  Make the Kitchen Table CFO a member of your Team.

Contact Mark at 518-459-5382 or [email protected]